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Max and Rigby: A Love Story?

Captured by my sister on her phone.

Stage One: Miss Maxolotl notices the beguilingly handsome orange creature. Have I seen him around before, she wonders? Tentatively, she reaches out…

stage one of cat-axolotl romance

Stage Two: Rigby J. Wheeler feels the axolotl’s gaze and, puzzled, turns to face her…

stage two of cat-axolotl romance

Stage Three: Their eyes meet. Their fate is sealed. It’s catolotl babies from here on out.

stage three of cat-axolotl romance

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    Oh my god thank you c: they’re so cool looking cx
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    That’s my Maxolotl, she’s a female leucistic axolotl! Axolotls are the coolest salamanders in the world:...
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